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Your Trustees

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The Trustees are responsible for all aspects of running the PCPF and looking after the best interests of both the Scheme and its members.

The Trustee Board comprises ten Trustees, eight of these are member-nominated Trustees (MNTs) one is appointed by the IPSA and another by the MCS.

 Anything affecting the fund as a whole is considered by the Trustee Board, including:

  • investment beliefs and objectives
  • valuation outcomes
  • developments in pensions legislation or regulations
  • payment of benefits to members
  • changes to Scheme Rules, and
  • the appointment of appropriate advisers

Your Trustees are responsible for managing the Scheme in line with its own Rules and pensions law. They hold regular meetings throughout the year to oversee and govern the Scheme's performance.

Your Trustees

  • pcpf_trustee_brian-donohoe

    Brian H Donohoe (Chairman)

    Service:April 2011 - present

    Member for Central Ayrshire

  • pcpf_trustee_clive-betts

    Clive Betts MP

    Service:April 2011 - present

    Member for Sheffield South East

  • pcpf_trustee_graham-bright

    Sir Graham Bright

    Service:April 2011 - present

    Police and Crime Commissioner for Cambridgeshire Constabulary

  • pcpf_trustee_peter-lilley

    Rt Hon Peter Lilley MP

    Service:April 2011 - present

    Member for Hitchin and Harpenden

  • pcpf_trustee_andrew-love

    Andrew Love

    Service:April 2011 - present

    Member for Edmonton

  • pcpf_trustee_generic-female

    Bridget Micklem

    Service:April 2011 - present

    MCS Trustee

  • pcpf_trustee_david-mowat

    David Mowat MP

    Service:April 2011 - present

    Member for Warrington South

  • pcpf_trustee_lord-naseby

    The Rt Hon the Lord Naseby PC

    Service:April 2011 - present

    House of Lords

  • pcpf_trustee_generic-male

    John Sills

    Service:April 2011 - present

    IPSA Trustee

  • pcpf_trustee_john-thurso

    Rt Hon John Thurso

    Service:April 2011 - present

    Member for Caithness, Sutherland and Easter Ross