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If you became a member on or after 8 May 2015, you would have joined the CARE Section. In CARE (career average revalued earnings) schemes, the benefits you receive at retirement are calculated based on accumulated proportions of your pensionable earnings over each year of your scheme membership.
Within the Care Section, there are two Schemes - the MPs' Pension Scheme and the Ministerial Pension Scheme. The links below will take you to the correct pages for your membership and enable you to access the information you need. You may also find the information in the FAQs section helpful.

Select Committee Chairs and members of the Chairman's panel are included in the MPs' Pension Scheme, while holders of a qualifying office are included in the Ministerial Pension Scheme.
Important note, within one month of joining the CARE Schemes you may exercise the following options:

  • Purchase Added Pension (AP). You can buy additional pension credits to increase your retirement benefits.

  • Change your Effective Pension Age (EPA). You make additional contributions to reduce your Normal Retirement Age by up to three years to a minimum limit of 65 years old. 

After one month of joining the Scheme, you may only purchase AP or EPA once a year, in April. You can find more details about these and other options in your Member guide. 

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