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2015 changes

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It’s all change for your PCPF!

Welcome to our change support page. 
As you will be aware, the Constitutional Reform and Governance Act 2010 gave the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA) powers to determine MPs’ salaries and pensions independently of the House. Similarly, powers to take certain decisions on Ministerial pay and pensions were given to the Minister for the Civil Service (MCS). These changes came into effect from 24 October 2011. These bodies are now responsible for the MPs’ Pension Scheme and the Ministerial Pension Scheme respectively.
Throughout the various consultations on scheme design, the Trustees have been working hard to ensure that members are treated fairly and get the best possible pension package. Specifically the Trustees were instrumental in ensuring that MPs have proper transitional protection in the IPSA scheme and have been pushing to maintain a final salary link for those MPs with preserved benefits in the old scheme. 

You can find a copy of the Scheme Rules in the Library section. You will also find Member guides for the new Schemes which are an invaluable source of information about your membership, benefits and options.
Here we have placed some further information that the Trustees hope you will find useful in helping you understand the upcoming changes and what they mean for you.

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